Cannon Beach, Extended Family Photography

Cannon Beach, Oregon is the PERFECT spot for you and your extended family!

You’re there, your kids are all there, grand-kids are everywhere, maybe there’s a dog or two thrown in for fun, right? You know what this is? It’s the perfect time to have an extended family photographic experience that will enable everyone to remember this time forever. Here are my Top Five reasons you should book an Extended Family Photo Session with Jody Rae Photography:Cannon Beach, Extended Family Photograph.

Top Five
  1. “Beach hair, don’t care!” Photographs  are the best! Rolled up pants legs, sandy toes, relaxed, real smiles – those are the best memories!
  2. You’re in Cannon Beach, Oregon, and everywhere you look, the scenery is amazing!
  3. You’re with people you don’t get to see every day.
  4. You’re on vacation, and vacation is a time for memory making.
  5. Cannon Beach is “your place.” Maybe you came here as a child, you brought your kids here when they were young, and now the third generation is enjoying it.Cannon Beach, Extended Family Photograph, Haystack Rock

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