Jody Rae’s Photographic Artwork to be accepted into the Seattle Sexual Art Festival!

I’m excited to announce that one of the photographs from a very special session has been accepted into the Seattle Sexual Arts Festival! This three-day celebration of sexuality in all its forms runs from April 21st through April 23rd at the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall. Jody Rae’s Photography will be alongside some of Seattle’s finest talent.

Last year my friend Rebecca and her partner visited my Oregon coast studio. They wanted to celebrate their mutual love of tango through a sexy photo shoot. I was honored to be the photographer and witness their beautiful connection with each other through the language of dance.

Tango is an intricate, passionate dance form that has been around for over a century, originating in Buenos Aires. It has developed over time into a beautiful art form that represents passion and love between two people. It can be seen as both an intimate expression and public performance—one which Rebecca and her partner were eager to document through photography.

Rebecca had asked me to help capture the beauty and grace of their movements in this special moment, as well as document their deep connection through tango dancing. As we set up for the photoshoot, I could feel the energy build between them—there was so much anticipation in the air! The atmosphere was charged with excitement as they began to move together seamlessly. Their movements were graceful yet powerful, creating stunning images that highlighted the emotion behind their dance form. It is Clear how special this experience was for them—they were completely in sync with each other’s rhythm as well as sharing an emotional connection like no other!

It is truly amazing how much emotion can be captured through photography—the power of movement being interpreted into a still image can tell such a unique story about two people’s relationship with each other. The photograph chosen for entry in the Seattle Sexual Arts Festival is just one example of how powerful photographic art can be when combined with meaningful moments shared between lovers or friends. My experience photographing Rebecca’s sexy tango photo shoot will always remain close to my heart!

The Seattle Sexual Art Festival is a unique event that celebrates the beauty and power of human sexuality. There will be art installations, live performances, workshops, and interactive activities that explore gender identity, sexual expression, body positivity, and more. The festival is open to everyone who would like to explore their own sexuality in a safe and welcoming space.
I am so excited for My work to be at the Seattle Sexual Art Festival! It is sure to be an amazing experience for everyone involved – both performers and audience members alike! I We hope to see you there!  Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to express yourself freely – get your tickets now!

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