In a time when the world is collectively experiencing the same thing, It’s hard to hear each individual story. The purpose of this project is to share the story of individual business owners in downtown Astoria during the shutdown caused by the pandemic. The lights may be off; we may have locked doors and closed signs; however, there are still ways to help us during this time. We can do this together.   Thank you to Kallie Linder, owner of Salon Boheme for writing the story of Sterling Extension Beauty Bar

Sterling Extension Beauty Bar

240 8th St, Astoria, OR 97103

Alex Hillard 

Alex Hillard owner of Sterling Extension Beauty Bar

Sterling Extensions & Beauty Bar (SEBB) opened on  June 6, 2019

Due to Corona Virus Alex Hillard closed her salon on March 23rd 2019. 

She currently has 6  independent contractors working at her salon. They are trying to navigate the shut down by selling retail and promoting gift certificates to help maintain overhead costs. 

SEBB Is a dream come true for Alex. Business is a dream come true. Having her own business has allowed her the flexibility to decide her own schedule as well as have her 5 year old son at the salon occasionally. I’ve always dreamed of owning my own salon and never imagined it would have grown so quickly to what it had become before covid-19.

Alex has women who are new to the beauty industry on her team and she fears that they will be discouraged or unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

The lack of financial assistance available to contractors is a frustration especially coupled with being fresh out of beauty school. 

Alex is grateful for the time she is able to spend with her son, Sterling, and is planning for a successful future when returning to the salon. 

“I’m truly proud of my whole salon family and how much we can pull together and support one another in such dyer times.”

Alex Hillard

In Alex’s words

“It’s like time has stopped and I am recreating my new normal because of having this opportunity for the first time since I was 14 not working. I am able to breathe, think and plan better. I am in control of choosing what I give my attention to and focusing on what needs to be done to move forward without doubt when this is all over things will be better than before. I can actually sit and look upon the salon environment I have created, a space people feel welcome and somewhere I can just be me! Life had been so busy before Covid-19 that I really never took that step back and fully see the salon the way others can see it and I’m truly proud of my whole salon family and how much we can pull together and support one another in such dyer times.”


You can help support Alex and her team by purchasing a gift certificate and/or buying retail

They are also selling raffle tickets for a chance to win free haircuts for a year. 

Raffle tickets will be available for $25 a ticket and the winner will receive free haircuts for one year.

Limit 3 tickets per customer. 

Depending on your hair length this equals 7-8 haircuts for women and average of 15 haircuts for men. 

The haircut service includes a wash, cut & style. Which is a service value of $450 savings for 1 full calendar year!

Tickets will be available until the salon re-opens and I will keep you posted


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