In a time when the world is collectively experiencing the same thing, It’s hard to hear each individual story. The purpose of this project is to share the story of individual business owners in downtown Astoria during the shutdown caused by the pandemic. The lights may be off; we may have locked doors and closed signs; however, there are still ways to help us during this time. We can do this together.   

Bloomin Crazy Floral

971 Commercial St.

In Astoria, OR 97103

Diane Berry Owner of Bloomin Crazy Floral

Bloomin Crazy Floral opened in the Fall of 2009. Diane opened her business in her mid-fifties. This was not a simple decision for her. She was also one of the first new tenants in the newly rebuilt Sanborn building. She put a lot of hard work into building a new business in downtown Astoria over the past 10 years. She has built strong business relationships building her business on exceptional customer service and beautiful floral designs. She has poured her creative mind and her heart into the business. 

January started Bloomin Crazy 11th year in business and it was looking like a great year for weddings and the store. January was a great month doing better than January of 2019.  March started out strong until the Corona Virus really started to hit the U.S. As soon as the Spring cruise ships and festivals started being canceled and the Stay at Home order hit she saw the downturn in business. She closed her doors to shoppers during the shutdown, however. Online floral orders have held up really well. Mother’s Day was one of her biggest. She is so thankful for the support over the past few months. Having to close her doors and not having any foot traffic downtown hit the gift portion of her business really hard. 

During the shutdown, and now that things are starting to slowly reopen, cash flow was her main concern for her business. Would she have the cash flow to keep above the waves long enough? Would she be able to keep her doors open until the State and the United States rebuilt its economy? She was also concerned about everyone staying healthy. 

 Countless orders of flowers were ordered just to say they were thinking of them, sending sympathy or get well soon.  Flowers bring joy, and in a time when joy could be hard to find it brought Diane much joy to be a part of that.

 Diane wants to remind us all to do something during this time that we really enjoy!  She really enjoys living a rural life and has the ability to ground herself in taking care of her land, horses, and spending time with her family.

With the closing of a few businesses in downtown Astoria, Diane has been a voice of cheering on the next chapter for the business and holding space for the loss. Her self and many other small business owners in Downton Astoria are walking a fine line of hope and sadness.

Ways you can help Bloomin Crazy Floral?

 You can help by calling and ordering flowers to celebrate all those life moments Bloomin Crazy has the honor of celebrating with you.   From brand new babies to celebrating a life that is long-lived and impacted many, and all the moments in between.  Of course, coming downtown and checking out the amazing selections of handpicked gifts in the store, then walking around to other stores in town would be greatly appreciated. 

Diane encompasses the rising tide lifting all ships philosophy.  She continues to rally for and with other businesses in downtown Astoria.  Her heart is to see our downtown stay alive and come back stronger than before.  


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