In a time when the world is collectively experiencing the same thing, It’s hard to hear each individual story. The purpose of this project is to share the story of individual business owners in downtown Astoria during the shutdown caused by the pandemic. The lights may be off; we may have locked doors and closed signs; however, there are still ways to help us during this time. We can do this together.   

Luminari Arts 

1296 Duane in Astoria, OR 97103

Luminari Arts Astoria Oregon
Luminari Arts Owners Diane &Charlotte

​Luminari Arts opened in 2014. They moved into their new location and opened their doors on Valentine’s day 2020. The new location offered them twice the space and is “light and bright” In their Store, you will find journals, pens, unique gifts, and jewelry. Everything that is “essentially unessential” The card selection is incredible and will have you laughing or crying as you read through them. You might even discover they have cards for life events you didn’t even know needed a card.

Due to the pandemic, they choose to shut the world out shortly after they opened. They are closed and have no sales this time. They had to lay off one of their employees and canceled all their current and future orders of products for their shop. 

Their business has provided a sanctuary for themselves and for the community making it a fun place to shop and connect. It’s been an ongoing project for them. The doors may be closed and the lights turned off however if you have a chance to walk by their windows you will still be greeted with messages in their window and fun installations to look at.

What frightens them during this time is that as a state we would reopen too soon. They are afraid of how that will affect our downtown and neighbors in irreparable ways.

During this time the owners are finding joy in being in their shop and trying to make it fun for passersby. They also are enjoying gardening and making art.

Charlotte shared with me “although this is a scary time, it is also an amazing adventure, and that, everything we know or have, is challenged, giving us an opportunity to redefine normal”

This photo and interview happened on April 24th. During the time that has passed, they have been working hard to build a website to help people shop with them. It is now up and ready to browse!


They are Closed at this time however you can call them at 5034680308 to arrange for curbside pick up. Go take a look at the web page and see the fun they have to offer for your essentially unessential needs!

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