Five commonly asked questions, Answered by Oregon Coast Wedding Photographer Jody Patterson Morrill.

Jody is the owner and principal photographer at Jody Rae Photography she has lived on the northern Oregon coast for most of her life. She enjoys the beauty of the Oregon coast and as a lover of all things romantic and beautiful she enjoys her job as an Oregon Coast wedding photographer.

1. What do we do about the wind?

On the Oregon coast, especially the northern Oregon coast, one can expect rain, heavy wind, or sunshine. The Weather forecast changes within a matter of minutes, embrace it and prepare for it. Your Pacific Northwest wedding on the Oregon coast will be unique and wild Just like your love story!  So, stick to a hairstyle that will embrace the wind. Wind will add extra movement and beautiful drama to your photos, making your Oregon coast wedding photography experience unique. It’s one of the reasons I love photographing weddings on the Oregon coast!

2. Do we wear Shoes?  

On the beach, it’s okay to be casual take those shoes off. Rubber boots work well for getting around on the Oregon coast beaches.  This is the Oregon coast and here the locals do what works, boots work, bare feet work, socks and Birkenstocks kind of work.  We embrace and love it all.

3. Should we have an officiant?  

YES.  Most likely your Oregon coast beach wedding will be small, and you will not have a large selection of vendors so the ones you do have need to count! The awesome news is the North Oregon coast has the most amazing wedding vendors.  Your officiant will be responsible for planning the wedding day with you and creating a memorable experience for you and your guests. I recommend that you find an experienced Oregon coast wedding officiant. Here are a few that we have worked with and met.

4. What day of the week is best?  Weekends or Weekdays?

The Oregon Coast hosts many out-of-town guests June through the first week in September. Weekends, of course, bring in more guests than weekdays. There’s never a guarantee that there will not be a large crowd on the beach, however, choosing a weekday may increase your chances of having a less crowded beach.

5. What time of day is best for my Oregon Coast Wedding?

There is no shade to be found on the beach at high noon. With the sun blazing in the sky on those beautiful sunny Oregon coast days you will not find a harsher light anywhere. The time of day for your wedding and the look and feel of your photos is always at the forefront of your Oregon coast wedding photographer.   The best natural light is when the sun is low. Your professional Oregon coast photographer will help you with the timing of your wedding day.

Cannon Beach Elopement In front of hay stack rock.
Thank you for reading some of our 5 most asked questions! If you’re thinking of heading to the Oregon coast for a destination wedding the Oregon coast has lots of locations ready to celebrate with you! Congratulations on your engagement and happy wedding planning.

Are you thinking of Getting married or Eloping on the Orgon coast? Jody Rae photography would love to hear all about what you’re celebrating right now.  Jody Rae photography offers weddings and elopements on the Oregon coast year-round. Contact us today to book the premier Oregon coast wedding photographer located in historic downtown Astoria Oregon. Experience true connection through a photographic experience.  don’t miss an opportunity to spend more quality time together and create artwork that will give you that just married feeling every day. 


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