Knappa, Oregon Family Portraits.

One story at a time, During the Pandemic of 2020.

Tracie, her husband Brent, and there two kids enjoy being together during this time.

One story at a time. My intentions for these portraits are that 50 years from now, a family will have photos to share with the coming generations. I am so honored to share this family with you!
Tracie and her husband Brent are long time Knappa, Oregon community members, high school sweethearts, graduates of Knappa High School, and long-time supporters of the community. Here is their story in Tracie’s words.

Baylor proudly shows off her handiwork.

Our sign originally said, ‘Relax and Embrace the Crazy.’  Fitting right?  As I was getting ready for our pictures, I left the completed sign on the table and Baylor unattended somewhere in the house and this is what it said when I returned.  Baylor informed me, “Mom, I made it so much better for you!” I let out a large sigh and just rolled with it. She’s awesome. Relax. Embrace it. Lower your expectations, Trace.  It’s all good. I knew I’d really been in low-key mode when I walked back to the bathroom to put mascara on before these pictures and Baylor was staring at my face when I came out.  She paused for a long time, then, “Mom…your eyelashes…they are REALLY pretty today.” It’d been a while since she’d seen me with make-up on! LOL.  

Baylor finds time in her day to come and sit outside on the front porch with her doll and imagination!

Uninterrupted family time has reinstated one of Tracie’s favorite childhood memories, family dinner table talks.

The best part of the day and the worst part of the day.

Best part of the day, according to Baylor: “Eating fruit snacks and candy and drinking hot cocoa and watching Elena of Avalor.” and “Saving my doll from all the thorns in the woods.  I saved you too, Mom. There are mountain lions out there. I’d hit it right in the face if it’s mean to us, or throw a shoe at him.” Worst part of the day, according to Baylor: “When you made me eat that green bean.  It was spicy.” and “When you took my doctrinarian station away. That made my heart sad.” (Doc McStuffins Vetrinarian Kit)

Some encouragement for Her Seniors and the young athletes.

you are so loved!

There’s so much I want to say to the seniors and young athletes and it’s hard to put it into words because I’m trying to be sensitive to other people’s struggles, things that may be bigger, more devastating.  But, my feeling is that, well, it IS devastating for you and let’s be honest, it’s a sucky situation. I think it’s okay to say that. My heart just hurts for you all, mostly for missed time together, missed moments.  Some of you basketball girls may remember that I asked you in our post season meetings, “what do you hope to remember 10 years from now about your time playing, about your high school careers?” Maybe that applies to this situation too.  My hope is that you remember the relationships, you remember you had classmates, teammates, coaches and community members that really, REALLY, cared about you. They truly want to see you succeed. Maybe you remember the excitement of winning a huge game or maybe you remember the downtime, the little stuff…bus rides, Rice Krispie treats, Tik Tok dance videos, team bonding, grueling practices or maybe the fun ones.  Spring athletes, some of these opportunities were taken away from you and it’s not fair. Prom, May Week, Senior Skip Day (although this seems much less exciting given our current situation!) are the things that fill photo albums or camera rolls on your phone for those of you who don’t print pictures anymore, but it doesn’t mean that you won’t have GREAT moments in the future. There is so much to look forward to. Keep your chin up.  Maybe you will be the most resilient group of all. By necessity, you’re learning to be flexible, adaptable, to roll with the punches and still come out on top, still find something to smile about. I hope this experience bonds you in ways that only you and your peers can understand. You are inspiring to me, and even though I don’t get to watch you throw your caps up in the air and spray silly string at graduation, I’ll be cheering you on. 

  1. Dale Rogers says:

    This was great, I hope you will continue to do these stories of our community. Tracie did a great job of sharing. Again thanks.

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