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One story at a time, During the Pandemic of 2020.

Kallie Linder owner Salon Boheme 

 In a time when the world is collectively experiencing the same thing, It’s hard to hear each individual story. My Purpose with this Project is to share the story of individual business owners in downtown Astoria during the shutdown caused by the pandemic. The lights may be off, we may have locked doors and closed signs however there are still ways to help us during this time. We can do this together.  

Kallie Linder owns Salon Boheme 1055 Marine Dr Astoria. This is her story.

She has been dreaming of being a salon owner since she was 12 years old after walking into Ardelles with her aunt. Her heart is for not only her business, but for the women who work beside her and the people in her industry. 

Her business has been closed since March 23. It’s a loss of revenue for nine families. It’s a beautiful salon that colors and cuts hair and is usually full of life. Kallie is a strong business leader in the community creating a special experience for all her clients and the people that work within her salon. 

She knows the economy they left isn’t the same they are coming back to so planning is difficult. 

While the assistance is not coming fast enough, which is a cray all the small businesses can echo right now, she’s been working from home creating content for social media has launched a Square Site store and is trying to be a support to other salon owners.

Every hard thing is well earned and this time is no different and although times are really stressful finding gratitude and thankfulness keeps Kallie going.  

She continues to be a champion of small business!  What excites her and makes her happy these days is seeing other businesses find ways to make things work and grinding to keep the lights on. 

She is so grateful for everyone who has purchased from her during this time and has interacted through social media. She’s forever grateful for the continued support. 

 Please consider supporting her small businesses at this time. 

Here are some ways you can help right now. 

Give them a Review, 

Share A post Click the link to find them on Facebook

Ask them how they are doing.  Send an encouraging note here

Buy merchandise on her online store.  Click the link to the store

  1. Diane Berry says:

    All of the small businesses in the area appreciate your support now in any way you can and in the future. Kallie has always been a champion of small business. Thank you Jodyrae for your project. It’s a great idea!

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